Tim Hortons Canadaland

Today I was watching television when the best Tim Horton’s commercial I have ever seen came on. The plot is of two guys who stumble upon a Canadian themed amusement park, with rollercoasters and attractions themed after Canadian things like Toque Nitting and Driveway Shoveling. They then see a Roll Up the Rim to Win game and are reminded to go back to the real Canada. For anyone who has lived in another country, this is a great reminder of the stereotypes other people hold of our home and native land. Anyways, I haven’t seen it on Youtube yet but I’m sure it will appear soon enough. Look for it on your TV as today was the official start of the Rolling season! Happy Rolling….


UPDATE: Here is a link to the commerical on Youtube. Kinda crappy quality…but you get the idea. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdyD7ef7VVo

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  1. Dammit, I came here hoping *you* had the commercial to view. I just saw it an hour ago and *need* to show it to the world.

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