My New Aerogarden

Last week my group in the Ad Center class I am taking took a trip over to the Univeristy of Guelph to learn more about what the Ontario Agriculture College was all about. We spoke with some students and learned some interesting insights which we will apply to our rebranding of the college. We poked around some labs and it rekindled my interest in biology and plant technology. I remember in Grade 7 having a project where we designed a hydroponics system, and being fascinated by it. Since that last trip to Guelph, I have been reading up on it and am once again obsessed with the idea of growing food without soil. I discovered a product called the “Aerogarden” which is a self contained “aeroponics” unit that you can grow lettuce, flowers and other vegetables and herbs in. You simply buy the seed kits, which contain the essential nutrient tablets and seed pods and plug them into the unit, fill with water and the grow light makes them grow. Super cool. I’ll update the progress on the lettuce pods I just planted today. In the meantime, is where to go for more information.

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