I Hate Rogers

The following is a e-mail I sent to Rogers Customer Service today after spending over an hour on hold:

Each and every time I call, I spend over twenty minutes on hold waiting for a representative to assist me with issues that should be very simple to fix. Today I spent over an hour on hold waiting for someone to activate my new HD terminal, which took approximately one minute to do once I spoke with someone. Your website is confusing and buggy and overall my experience with your company in the past year and a half has been frustrating to say the least. While high call volumes are acceptable during peak periods such as after Christmas, they are not for every time I try to reach your company. Many routine technical issues could be fixed easily if your website were easier to use and did not crash on occasion. As a customer with a bundle package, it is unacceptable that each time I have an issue with my internet, phone or television service I must endure obscene wait times to deal with simple issues.

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