Christmas Is Over, Hello New Year!

Hey so it’s a little late, but Happy 2009. It’s gonna be a great one. As for what the past couple of weeks have been like: The gingerbread house contest never happened as I got lazy and never finished, see pics. Christmas was great, went home to Acton and spent time with my family. I ended up making Cheddar Cheese soup which was fantastic! New Years Eve was low key, I just worked at The Keg and stayed there for some celebratory champagne afterwards. It was great to just chill and not have a big production this year. Looking forward to school starting again on January 12, with Advertising Week coming up soon! Kristina, a friend of mine from school moves in this week so that should help with rent and saving some money for 2009. January is going to be exciting. Also forward to the summer and warm weather and pondering what my next step will be. Something is percolating in my brain, a huge and fantastic idea that I have yet to discover. I just know it’s there. I have started reading Creating Magic, a book by Lee Cockrell from Walt Disney World, on great leadership strategies and techniques. Also read Radical Careering over the break. very interesting and inspiring stuff. Now just working at Williams-Sonoma today and going to have a relaxing evening. I think I’ve only had 4 days off this entire break! I would rather do something than sit around. I have so much optimism for 2009 and am going to be more positive. I don’t really do resolutions, but this year I want to focus on the positive and stop letting the little things like bad tips or rude people get me down. That’s the plan and so far it’s working out.


Daily Inspiration: Do one thing a day that scares you- Eleanor Roosevelt

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