The holidays are coming!

So finally school is done, thank God! I wrote my last exam last Friday and cannot be happier that I am finished. Now I get to slave away at my two jobs, and hopefully have a cup of holiday cheer or two along the way. I just started my seasonal job at Williams-Sonoma, the high end kitchen wares store. They sell the coolest and most expensive things you could ever wish for. It’s fun working in a place that samples all the time and leaves you smelling of gingerbread after you leave. Helps get me into the holiday spirit! Over the month of December, I am planning on working on my advertising portfolio and coming up with new concepts. We will see if that actually materializes.
In other news, my friend Jacqueline and I went to Value Village today to purchase ugly sweaters for the ugly sweater party we are attending this Friday. Can I even tell you how dirty I felt when I walked out of that place. Anyways, I was looking through the books and found “The Unpublished David Oglivy” for three dollars. I think it may be a sign, so I bought it and look foreword to reading it over the next month. So that’s it for now, a little R&R for December until school fires up again January 12. Until then, enjoy the snow and Christmas lights because were in for a long one!


Kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed but now want!
Kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed but now want!

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