Girl Trouble

So once again…after a few beers I have decide to write a note. I believe I am at my most honest and open state after a little liquid confidence. So anyways, I have been hanging with a female friend from high school, we haven’t really hung out since I was in Grade 10 or something. I did have a crush on her back then, so I mean it could be like a “Friends” episode or something! (Side note, I know your reading this!) Anyways, lately we have been seeing each other probably once a week. She has admitted to having a “thing” for me, and yet I don’t know how I feel. She is beautiful, fun and has a great sense of humour. She is normal, has no craziness in her life and we have a great time everytime we hang out. Apparently her parents love me, which is the story of my life. Parents like me, it’s what I do! My question is that right now at this juncture in my life I don’t know if a relationship is right for me. I mean it would be great, but at the same time I have accepted being single and have been focusing on myself. I mean, it sounds selfish and is selfish, but really at the end of the day I decided I matter more than anything else. We both have different lives, work, and life experiences. I’m now deciding there must be something wrong with me. She seriously is the perfect woman, and yet I cannot express the way I feel and keep telling her to just let me sort things out before anything other than friendship happens. What do I do? Someone help me out? I mean, what’s wrong with me? Am I destined to be single and looking forever? Anyways, that’s the situation right now.

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