Space Channel

So I just met with my professor and I think I’m getting somewhere with the Space Channel and IFC concepts. The Space Channel concept is to “Embrace your inner geek” and I’m working on a campaign to attract people to tune into the channel, because everyone has a little geek inside of them. I created kind of a “pocket geek” that lives inside everyone and wants to just pop out and be geeky. Well see where this goes…. As for the Independant Film Channel, the whole concept is to get people to watch because it’s where all the best movies are that you have never head of. It’s hard to explain without visuals….if your intrested in any of these concepts check out and you can see some very bad art direction on the ads I attempted a few years ago. I’m completly revamping them and I am actually very excited and these are going to be amazing portfolio pieces. Anyways, back to being creative.

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