Please Hire Me!

I am aspiring creative. That is my purpose. I live, eat and breathe advertising 24/7. (Except when I sleep and can’t really control my dreams). Anyways, currently I am working on various creative expeditions for clients such as Canada’s Wonderland, Method Cleaners, Space Channel, Independent Film Channel and many more. I’ve decided to document my process (struggle) of going to school in an attempt to get into this crazy industry of selling. That’s what the focus of this blog is. If you got here by accident and made it this far….thanks for being here. I find it intresting sharing my feelings (is that the right word here?) with people I may or may not know, and that these will be somewhere on the internet long after I exist.

My name is Brad and I am creative. I am working on my portfolio and need experience. Please hire me for an internship. I make great coffee (I worked at Tim Horton’s back in the day). Thanks!

To be continued….as I am off to Mileston’s to feed the creative beast….

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