Spyware has overtaken me

Sorry but this post makes no sense…enjoy

So spyware has taken over my computer. Random stupid pointless things pop-up on my comuter and piss me off. Should I upgrade to Windows Vista? Who knows. Alrighty, enough of the rambling. Today is my day off, actually the second. On Saturday night the Kelsey’s crew went out for “drinks” and I had many, resulting in me writing off Sunday as a whole. See pictures on Facebook. Anyways, summer is upon us and I can’t wait for it to be over. Why? Well because I just want to get back to school, enough of this work full-time crap…school is kinda like the buffer between reality and myself. To make myself feel better…here is a list of things I am looking foreward to this summer:
Rachel visiting the T Dot at the end of May
A couple trips down to Cedar Point (who wants to come?)
Canada’s Wonderland (yeah, it’s no Disney but it’s all we have)
My birthday (July 29th….Cash and cheques please)
The good old Canadian National Exhibition (that’s CNE for the locals)
Trip to Nova Scotia
Justin Timberlake Concert (Yeah, you read that correctly)
Umm…that’s about it for now


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