Going down to Georgia…gonna eat alot of peaches

Not really, I just wanted to use that as a title. So here are my thoughts for today: I hate Kelsey’s, I hate Acton, I hate Ontario. That’s the theme for this week. I’m growing ever tired of working as a server making no money at Kelsey’s Georgetown and I’m going to go back to my summer job hunt in the East coast. On top of hating the job, we have a menu change on Monday. You know what that means former Le Cellier castmembers “If you don’t know the menu your on podium.” Actually, I have never done podium at Kelsey’s and they aren’t threatening us with that. I’ll just B.S. my way through it and deal with it. I really don’t care what I do there, I just want to go out there and see all my good friends and have a good time this summer. My target date is May 1st…well see if that actually happens. That’s all.


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