I have now made a commitment to update my blog weekly. Here also is a link to all the pictures I have been taking lately. I have seen the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, gone to 4th of July Fireworks, worked alot, partied and much more in the past week. I cannot forget to mention that I went Skydiving! Yeah, I plummeted 15,000 feet out of an airplane hurtling towards earth. It was the most incredible experience ever. It was in Cape Canaveral, which is right beside Kennedy Space Center. Meaning I could see the shuttle parked on the launchpad as I was falling. It was wicked. Other than that, I have mainly been working alot serving and trying to save money. I’m trying to prepare myself for going home in 5 months, and am trying to make plans. Anyways, my commitment is to update this every week. I promise. And check out all my photos:

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