Crazy party at PI

Alright, so I have settled in and now have started working on the outdoor popcorn cart and selling beer. It’s very easy in theory, except that every night we get killed from 9pm to 9:30pm right before Illuminations, the fireworks show at EPCOT. The other night we ran out of popcorn oil and Moosehead beer at the same time. It was nuts. And being happy all the time is very exausting, try it for one day. Be nice to everyone, ALL DAY LONG! Other than that, the whole social thing is cool. I spent the past Saturday at an international Christmas party, Sunday at Pleasure Island and Monday at Pleasure Island. I took last night off from drinking because I have been doing it way too much. And apparently I have been flirting with alot of girls when I got out. Half of the things I have done I can’t remember. Don’t worry though, I haven’t done anything too stupid. Only telling funny stories about myself. Anyways, that’s my update for now. If I don’t post again before Christmas, have a great one. I’ll be working that day and it’s gonna be crazy! By the way, it’s strange hearing the song “Let It Snow” when it’s 17 degrees and sunny out. Kinda ironic. Don’t you think? Below are a couple of pics of the Osborne Spectacle of Lights at MGM Studios, and a pic of me with Mickey!


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