Waking up is hard to do…

So, where to begin. Lat night after my arrival I was invited to a party in honour of my arrival. Actually, everyone was invited who was new if they were Canadian. There was alot of drinking, chanting, swearing, yelling, singing of O’Canadas, “Eh’s” were spoken, shots of Canadian Club and Canada Dry, waving of flags. Very patriotic. Then we were taken outside to al hold the Canadian flag togather as we were sprayed with water singing O’Canada. It was an amazing night. Then the morning came…..somehow I turned of my alarm so I was awoken by a call asking why I wasn’t at orientation! Yeah, I slept in by OVER AN HOUR! So the day started off abruptly but no big deal. After dragging myself to the meeting, filling out paperwork ect… we went for lunch then Wal-Mart. Boring and unexciting. Anyways, tomorrow is my day off (yeah, already!) so I am gonna go to Universal Orlando.


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