On the plane to Orlando…

Hey Everyone,

So I am sitting here bored on the plane and decided to write a blog entry to keep myself busy. Today has been great, so far I have met two people that are also going to Disney today, some girl in the airport whose name I cannot remember and then a girl on the plane came up to me and is like “are you Brad” Anyways, her name is Amanda. I guess she recognized the blue Disney folder and knew my name from the wdwip.com message boards that I have been obsessively visiting since I knew I was accepted into the program. I can say that I am both anxious and excited, mainly just trying to process that this is actually happening. I had a horrible time falling asleep last night because I was dying from excitement. Then I had to finish packing and thought that I would have to pay for overweight baggage since my luggage weighs so much, but thankfully they didn’t even weigh it. I’m sure I’ll have more exciting news soon, anyways were beginning to land in sunny Orlando so I have to put my laptop away now. I’ll keep you updated as to my happenings.

Brad 🙂

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