Trip to the windy city

Over the past weekend I flew to Chicago to visit my friend Lisa who I worked with a Cedar Point. It was wicked to say the least. My flight left on time, I got to sit alone and it was a quick subway ride to her school where I was staying with some of her guy friends. We then went to see Wicked The Musical, which I was slightly dissapointed by. I didn’t know what to expect, but maybe it was because we were 1 row from the BACK! Anyways, it was still fun. On Saturday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry which blows away the Ontario Science Center in every way. We even saw Magnificent Desolution, which is an Omnimax film about the moon missions. Later that evening we watched the Parade of Lights, with Mickey Mouse as the M.C. It was really cheap and crappy, but it was a good time even though there were 500 billion people on Michigan Ave. where it was held. Michagan Ave. is the ritzy shopping area with giant stores like Neaman Marcus, Apple Store, Bloomingdales etc. Sunday was time for church then we went to Millennium Park skating. It was kinda unexpected to go skating because we didn’t plan on it, but since it was free we had to go. It was a good time. Later that evening we saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at AMC and it was good enough for the fourth film in the series. Finally on Monday we visited the Navy Pier and made fun of how crappy and overrated it was. I also found a Jamba Juice downtown, which is this amazing smoothie shop that I became addicted to in L.A., but sadly we don’t have them in Canada. Then it was back to Chiago O’Hare to fly home on my delayed flight. Overall it was an excellent trip and I would love to visit again.


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