This is Halloween…

I just relised that Halloween is exactly one week away. I decided on the weekend to devour as many scary movies as I could. It all started with Hocus Pocus, a Disney movie starring Bette Midler. Ok, I know it sounds cheesy but it reminds me of my childhood. Next up was Darkness, a crappy horror film starring Anna Paquin from X-Men, then on to Halloween, a classic. Anyways, that was my weekend. Continuing onto today, I decided to take a step back to the 80’s and buy the new Bryan Adams Anthology CD, which is the most amazing collection of music ever. On top of that, it came with a concert DVD that spans his greatest hits. I recommend this CD to anyone who loves rock and classic Canadian tunes. A must have for the CD collection. I don’t know why, but his music reminds me of when I was little. Maybe since many of his hit songs came out at this time. ie: Heavan, Summer of ’69 etc. Anyways, thats it, back to the tunes.


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